Make it easier to collect user feedback with the simple use of emojis.

Use Emojics to collect user feedback and generate leads to better understand your visitors
No coding required

What Emojics can do for you

Collect Valuable Feedback

Collect valuable feedback

Improve your service/products from the feedback you receive from your customer

Increase Sales

Increase your sales

Reward customers with discounts after they give you feedback

Build your email list

Build your email list

Get subscribers to your email list that likes your service/product

Get a 10x users feedback, effortlessly and faster

The unstoppable feedback machine

Emojics Engage Screen
Get more leads and feedback from your users based on their feelings
Emojics Capture Screen
Reaction buttons makes giving and getting feedback fun for users and easy for companies
Emojics Analyze Screen
Analyze the users’ feelings, which contents or products are more successful among your audience
Emojics Improve Screen
We provide you with fresh data that will help to improve your contents or products and increase your growth

Convert more visitors into customers with Emojics

Link any emoji to any type of campaign
- lead form, feedback form, survey etc -
just in one place

Customize your call to action and build high converting forms in seconds

Catch your visitors at the best moment. Let your users give you their contacts

Collect more Leads

Increase the number of your subscribers capturing when they like your service. With our reaction buttons you can interact with your users based on their feelings. When your users click on Smile, Heart, Like Emoji shows that they are in love with your product or your content and you have more chances to acquire a new subscriber at the right time.

Collect feedback at the speed of light. Provide your visitors with an easy way to give product feedback to increase user trust for your service

Thanks to our reaction buttons you already know if your customers like or not your service or content, ask them why and what you need to improve

Collect more Feedback

Our service changes the way to ask and collect feedback. People love to share their feelings but they hate wasting time. Our reaction buttons makes it fast and fun! With our widget you can collect three time more feedback than with a classic pop-up.

Interact with your users by customizing your message. Reply with an automatic message to the user's feedback.

Track how many clicks you receive, analyze the user’s feeling in real time and see what content or product are like most.

Interact with your Users

Be able to interact with your users knowing their feeling is a huge power. Promote, notify and convert site visitors with our reaction buttons. Announce new sale discount or a product update or just say thank you to your users!

What Our Clients Say

Juan Miguel Florido Marketing Manager at HealthAtom

Emojics allows us to evaluate our contents, shows us user's feelings and their experiences on our platform and blog posts. It is essential when I want to generate more connections with my future clients.

Davide De Guz Founder of Rebrandly

At Rebrandly, we were really amazed at how successful Emojics was with our users. In fact, thanks to the thousands of feedback received via the Emojics email widget, we were able to make our newsletters more personal, reducing the number of unsubscribed users

Alessandro Rossi Founder of GoPillar

Emojics is an awesome tool, you don’t just get user feedback but you can generate leads at the same time. Our response rate was very high (over 25%) this made it possible for us to collect thousands of priceless feedback and boost a lot our subscribers.

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