Smiley face survey & Smiley feedback widget

Analyze the users' feelings in real-time with our suite of smiley face survey and smiley feedback widget.

We cross check the users feelings with other dozens of data to understand
what works best and what needs to be improved

You can create custom campaigns for each emoji, with different interactions: Lead Campaign

Emojics Engage Screen
Collect and analyze feedback

Process massive amounts of data quickly with an easy-to-use interface combined with smart reports

Emojics Engage Screen
Understand what content or product is most successful

Our algorithm analyzes dozens of data and suggests what content performs better and engages your users more

Customize your smiley feedback widget

You can choose from over 300 Emojis with different styles and designs to customize your own widget

Or, we have done the work for you, you can choose from our smiley face survey and smiley feedback widgets pre-set made for every kind of needs

Build contents and products your users love

You can install Emojics for free and get results in a matter of minutes. Let your users give feedback anywhere, anytime

Our widget is fully customizable: text, call to action, design and emojis to make a perfect widget for your site!

Transform users feedback into intelligent data to drive product strategy. Find which content is organically driving you more traffic and increasing your ROI

The fastest way to engage with your users and learn from them. Allow your users to give you in easy and fast way useful feedback