Smart Email Feedback with a Smiley Face Survey

Collect feedback via newsletter, support and sales email

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How Smiley Face Survey Works

Capture feedback via email in a style that your users are familiar with
Emojics Email Real Time Feedback
Get Feedback in Real Time

Get qualitative feedback via email to better understand what your users want to receive. Customize and test your email and optimize based on the feedback you get.

Emojics Email Campaigns
Create custom campaigns for each smiley feedback

Set up interactions with your users based on their feedback and target them with customized actions

Emojics Email Understand Customer
Understand what your users want

Let your users express what they think regarding your email contents. Start to send the right message to your user, in order to increase your performance

Emojics Email Boost Subscription
Take actions based on user-feedback

Use your user-feedback to deliver what your subscribers actually want to receive, decreasing dramatically the unsubscribe rate

Use your style to collect feedback via email

Full Customization

Emojics Customize Reaction Emojis
Customize Smiley Face Survey
Customize the style of your widget, change the text and choose reactions with different styles
Emojics Customize Email Landing Page
Customize Landing Page
Create your branded landing page, add your logo and change the style
Emojics Customize Email Campaigns
Customize Campaigns
After your user leaves feedback you can choose to ask a deeper comment or sharing on social media, directing them to a survey or simply saying thank you

What Our Clients Say

Juan Miguel Florido Marketing Manager at HealthAtom

Emojics allows us to evaluate our contents, shows us user's feelings and their experiences on our platform and blog posts. It is essential when I want to generate more connections with my future clients.

Davide De Guz Founder of Rebrandly

At Rebrandly, we were really amazed at how successful Emojics was with our users. In fact, thanks to the thousands of feedback received via the Emojics email widget, we were able to make our newsletters more personal, reducing the number of unsubscribed users

Alessandro Rossi Founder of GoPillar

Emojics is an awesome tool, you don’t just get user feedback but you can generate leads at the same time. Our response rate was very high (over 25%) this made it possible for us to collect thousands of priceless feedback and boost a lot our subscribers.

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