White Label User-Feedback Solution for Agencies


Attract new clients and generate more revenue for your agency with a fully customizable online feedback tool under your own brand.

Add Your Logo
Add Your Domain
Customize Colors
Manage Subaccounts
Emojics White Label Fully Branded
Fully Branded White Label

Customize your client dashboards adding your logo and brand identity. From today you have a new service to offer to your customers.

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Emojics White Label Subaccounts
Manage Your Subaccount

Create and manage all your sub-accounts. Set how many reactions and sites to allocate for each of your clients. Meet the requests of your customers.

Emojics White Label Your Logo
Add Your Logo and your Brand Identity

Create your own branded version of the app by uploading your logo and favicon, setting up your custom domain and change all colors to meet your brand identity. In 2 minutes your agency will magically have a new service.

Emojics White Label Your Domain
Set Up Your Own Domain

Your clients can log in and use Emojics under your branded domain name at a fully white-labeled interface that looks like an extension of your agency's website.

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Emojics White Label Your Business
Build your own Business in 2 mins

Now you can have your SaaS company in 2 minutes. With Emojics, you can completely rebrand our entire platform and charge what you like.