For Ecommerce Stores

Subscribe to newsletter

Increase the number of your subscribers with the "subscribe to the newsletter" campaign. With our reaction buttons, it's easier to get your visitor's attention and get them to sign up for your newsletter. Customize the widget how you want it - keep it simple with thumbs up/thumbs down or go all-in with your favorite emojis.

Offer discount codes

Offer a discount code in exchange for their feedback. Being able to use your visitor's feelings is a huge power. Promote, notify and convert site visitors with our reaction buttons. Announce a new sale. a product update or just say thank you with discount codes.

Product review/Feedback

Our service changes the way you ask and collect feedback. People love to share their feelings but they hate wasting time on long forms. Use our widget to ask your customers for product reviews or feedback on your service - It's done easily with a few clicks.